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Quote Number QUO-01565
Quote Date October 16, 2019
Total $3,252.91


Installation and setup of the Media department, which will include purchase of new cabling materials as advised like hdmi's and splitters e.t.c. Included in this service with installation will be initial test after installation and two (2) free on call support within three (3) months of the initial setup.


Availability date for project installation by our Tech team : Dec 2 - Dec 7

(our tech team will be away on business from Oct. 20th - Nov. 30th)


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
2 100ft HDMI Cable with Signal Booster

This will be used as main signal transfer cables

3 150ft HDMI Cable with Signal Booster

This will serve to send video signals from each of the Cameras to the individual receivers that are connected to the PC

5 50ft HDMI Cable

This will be run from one of the splitters to all the 5 TV's in the front (altar area).

5 12ft HDMI Cable

This will serve as basic signal cables sending signal from the different PC'S been used and the other equipments in the media room.

2 5 Port HDMI Splitter

This will split signal between all the 6 TV's that are to be installed ensuring synchronized images/video on all 6 TV's.

1 500ft White and Black Flex Cables

This will serve as the control signal cable for the PTZ cameras

1 150ft CAT 5/6 Cable

Church will provide. This is for the Big LED Screen.

1 SERVICE CHARGE FOR INSTALLATION $1,300.000.00%$1,300.00
Sub Total $3,005.00
Tax $247.91
Total $3,252.91

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